Peter Pincus Tests

I started testing the Peter Pincus method to make my quilt patterns in a flat tile orientation last week.


My first test wasn’t a specific pattern, just shapes I cut to test the method before I spent too much time making stencils.  I paint the casting slip onto a plaster slab and trim the extra off the make the shape I want when it’s leather hard.  Then I paint on the next color and repeat.

The initial test of the process worked out well, so I moved on and made some stencils to create an actual quilt block tile, which came out very well.


I’m quite happy with how this method is working out, now I’m just waiting to fire it all the way to cone 6!

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4 comments on “Peter Pincus Tests
  1. Did you get this to cone 6 yet?

  2. crayolakate says:

    This test looks great… the Peter Pincus technique seems perfect for your ideas. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. saramourton says:

    I think you might like my friend’s process. Her name is Laura Kukkee. She screenprints and layers colored slips then cuts out shapes to use as appliqué.

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