Mixing, mixing, mixing….

Every version of patterning that I’m working with involves colored clay or casting slip.  To achieve these colors, I’m mixing mason stains into the slip and clay I’m working with.  So far, I have just been working with whatever I have mixed up.  This is only a temporary solution while I test colors to use in final pieces though.  I spent a good deal of time sitting in the mason stain closet taking inventory of what we have, what containers we have that are empty, and some of those mysterious unlabeled powders.  I then went through and organized my list and compared what we have to the mason stain chart.  This left me with a list of colors I wanted to test, that we don’t have in the closet.  Fortunately, Bailey’s sells sample size portions of stain so I took my list and got as many of the colors I wanted that I could.

IMG_0654Then I bought all of Stop & Shop’s jello shot cups.  They’re the perfect size to mix up 50-60 gram batches of colored slip to make test tiles, and they have lids!  Slowly but surely I have been testing all the colors on my list. IMG_0662

After I mix up the small cup of colored slip, I use these plastic syringes I got at Manny’s to make flat little disks of color on a plaster slab.


Once they’re dry enough so that they aren’t shiny/sticky I stamp the amount of stain I used, and the number of the stain into the disk.

I still have a fair amount of my list to go, but I’ve definitely started getting some nice results.

Fully fired (cone 6) color tests

Fully fired (cone 6) color tests

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