Why didn’t I think of that?

One of the things I’ve been struggling with lately is that I have these awesome ideas and things are starting to work in a way I’m really happy with, except none of it is ceramic.  That was happening with the work I had done both in Crafting in Virtual Space and Printmaking.

Laser Cut Origami Paper

Laser Cut Origami Paper

Printmaking Memory Project

Printmaking Memory Project

Both of these were dealing with patterns created when layers were stacked up, and were intended to be interactive.  The laser cut piece has a certain number of sheets of paper in the pattern so they expand out in a grid and the viewer could rearrange them and stack them to create different patterns, and the printmaking project will eventually be bound in the corner so that some pages can be pulled off to the side and some remain stacked together so the pattern can change in a similar way to the origami paper piece.

I really liked that the viewer could see the pattern I created, but then also see the shapes that each layer is individually as well as the interactivity of people being able to change the pattern themselves.  But I hadn’t figured out how to translate that into my ceramic work.

And then Bryan asked me why I wasn’t doing this in clay.


Why wasn’t I? I have no idea. Never occurred to me.

So that’s my newest endeavor.


To try it out I’ve made myself stencils to create a really simple pattern that will expand into a 9 piece grid.  The pattern is just an octagon and each layer adds one little pie slice of color to the pattern.  I’m creating very thin slabs of colored slip the same way I made my color test chips and when they aren’t sticky anymore I trim them using the stencils I made.  We’ll see how it goes – hopefully well!

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3 comments on “Why didn’t I think of that?
  1. Jessica says:

    Sometimes I need to have things suggested to me at least 5 times before I actually hear it- maybe it serves some function in the creative process? Who knows… Anyway, this is exciting! I also just wanted to point out that perhaps not all of your work needs to be in clay? This is exactly why I work multimedia, sometimes an idea calls loudly for the use of additional materials, and I think that is okay. Just a thought!

  2. crayolakate says:

    haha “duh”… I’m really excited to see how this works out! That paper project from CVS was one of my favorites of yours and the ceramic will give it a whole new dimension. Sometimes the most obvious of answers are so hard to see because they’re right under your nose (:

  3. eunjukimm says:

    I love the way you cut out thin sheet of color casting slip and stack up the layers together to create a complete pattern.
    Check out this http://perpustakaan.blogspot.com/2009/10/creative-cityscape-sculpture-from.html This is a Chinese artist, Zhan Wang who uses stainless steel pots, pans and silverwares to create a cityscape. You can also find more information about his works in a BFA seminar textbook, themes of contemporary art (chapter place).
    Since you’re interested in stacking up the layers of patterns and you love making ceramic pots, it might be interesting to create a certain pattern or landscape with ceramic vessels and let people to rearrange them to recreate their own landscape just like this project.

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