Semester Beginnings

Patterning is a form of visual organization I have always been attracted to

whether it be ones I made myself or ones that I have found. The inspiration for

these patterns has come from many different sources, the most current of which is

quilting. The fabric used is often patterned, the manner in which the pieces are put

together create a pattern, and the stitching holding the entire quilt together are

another layer of pattern. I am drawn to the way all these layers work together to

create the final product, but what interests me most about quilt patterns is the way

construction relates to the formation of the pattern. When a quilt is being made

small pieces are used to first construct blocks, which become a larger unit in the

entire pattern being created. All patterns can be visually broken down in this way

but the fact that quilting naturally does this during construction is something I am

especially fascinated with.


What I have become most interested in addressing in my work is the way

that patterning allows for the same image to be seen in different ways. The

majority of my current work is based around the idea of using the same pieces to

make many different patterns, and visually breaking patterns into the different

layers used to construct them. Some of my work allows for the layers I present to

be rearranged to create new patterns, while some presents the layers not to be

moved but just to be seen as individual components. The interactive pieces

interest me because the resulting patterns are of a much wider variety than I would

come up with on my own. I also envision these patterns in a very particular way

and I am interested to see the ways that other people see the same thing.


I have been exploring many different types of geometric patterning, but I am going

to narrow my focus and specifically explore a type of quilt pattern referred to as a

log cabin pattern.  Although they are normally square, log cabin blocks can be any

regular geometric shape that can be pieced together.  The blocks are built from the

center outward using skinny strips of material.  The overall patterns that are created 

change dramatically depending on the colors used, and the orientation of the blocks.

When translating these patterns to clay I will explore not only these elements, but

also the differences that occur in the depth of the tile and how the visual weight

changes if the high point is in the center versus the edge.


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