Holy Cannoli

Well this is even later than my previous post, and even more has happened in between.  After this I hope to get back to posting on a regular basis but I won’t say for sure that I will, because the truth is that very well may not happen.

But it’s the middle of August so I’ll just gloss over the important things between March and now because for one- most of it wasn’t that interesting, and two- I mostly decided to keep this going for myself to be able to track what I’ve done when anyways.

This time not only is the semester over, but my entire undergraduate experience is. Hence the “Holy Cannoli.”

Since it’s mid-August and the fall semester hasn’t even actually started yet it still doesn’t feel a whole lot different, and until Tom and Ashleigh stop doing hours at SCAC next week that I’m really not going back, and that for the first time since I was 5 years old I don’t have to go to school in September. Or at all. Weird.

But since I’m all graduated and what not, this obviously means I managed to finish my thesis too (woohoo!)

I wound up going in a very different direction than I had planned at the beginning of the semester, and did a lot of things changed throughout the course of the semester but I finished – with a heck of a lot of help from a lot of people and a four day marathon (with a 20 minute power nap) of probably the worst planned timeline in my entire life, my show was up from April 25th – 29th, I finished my book -and after some printing issues with the cover image wound up with a final copy that I was happy with.

As soon as I’m done with this, I’m adding the photos to a different section, so here’s the sneak-peak people got off my showcard.


geo metric schema

After thesis shenanigans were done, I packed up everything in New Paltz and moved – which was hard because I wasn’t in a set location yet.  I went back to my parents house for a couple weeks, but really I was moving into the apartment in Watervliet so my stuff was all over the place all the time until about a month ago. I occupied most of my parents living room for quite a while, and I’m sure they wanted to kill me.  I finally got enough of it sorted through to get about a quarter of my clothes and a few other things to the apartment and the rest of it either in the basement or my bedroom at my parents so they could have full use of the living room again.

Studio stuff got boxed up and mostly stuck in my parents basement for now, except for the few things that have made it up here with me to Saratoga.
Which leads me to the next most exciting thing after graduating – I’ve been interning at the Saratoga Clay Art Center all summer.  I do ten hours a week of studio stuff – loading kilns, cleaning, helping with Kids & Clay classes, etc. and I get to make some stuff and fire it for free (woohoo because I’m poor!).  This has also meant seeing lots of Tom (he is also interning) and Ashleigh (she’s been working at their studio manager this summer).  Which is why I think it will hit me that I’m not going back to New Paltz when they leave.

Sadly I haven’t actually made that much – I’ve thrown a few things and I’m finally going to fire them next week – but hardly anything at all.  Between moving and running back and forth between Albany and Sidney all the time, having Shingles, and finding/starting a job I just haven’t made it up there as often as I wanted.

Which leads me to the next two things, one of which is even more exciting.
1. I found a job that I actually really like quite a bit – I’m working at a bagel shop called Psychedelicatessen in Troy.
2. I have been accepted as an Artist in Residence at SCAC for the upcoming year.  So I’ll have a whole year to make work – still with free firings, but also with a studio space, material allowance, and a show with the other two residents next summer, all still in exchange for 10 hours of work.
And now that I’m healthy, most of my stuff is moved/out of the way enough that I can ignore it again for a while, and things are settling down at the bagel shop (it just opened when I started working there a month ago so things were pretty hectic for a while) I’ve finally started to get time to get to the studio more than just for my 10 hours a week.

In other exciting news- my thesis work is on display at the Sidney Memorial Public Library for the month of August, and may be finding a home on the walls of Psychedelicatessen after that.

I think that pretty much covers everything mildly interesting/important and I’ll stop blabbing now.

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