SCAC AIR and lots more letters

As of September 1st I officially became an Artist in Residence (AIR) at the Saratoga Clay Art Center (SCAC).

It took a little while to get all settled in to the new space (I’m actually still putting shelves up today to try to organize all my crap), but I’m finally getting there and have even started to crank out some new work!

The Fall Clay Arts Fair at the center is Columbus Day weekend (which is next weekend), so my main focus the past week and a half  has been on cranking out some work that I can hopefully sell there.

I’ve built up a nice little supply of Mason Stains… mostly in the blue/green family because that’s what I used for thesis work, so I have a few other colors I would really like to add to the collection soon.  I’ve been mixing up colored slips to decorate wheel thrown work with, and also colored clay to make canes with (I’ll explain that more when I have some picture to go with it!)

Mason Stain Rainbow!

Mason Stain Rainbow!

I also have been working on trying to figure out a way to get the same level of detail and precision in patterning that I achieved in the plaster mold process I adapted from Peter Pincus, that can be applied to wheel thrown work.  As much as I loved the patterns, and the process of making them in the plaster I absolutely HATED the actual casting of the cups, and making the molds too so much of the process was pretty miserable.  I tested it out on a plate first, since it seemed easier to work some kinks out relatively flat first, and it worked pretty well! The only thing that I really have an issue with is it was too hard to precisely line up each color next to it’s neighbors with no white spots left in between, so I’m going to alter all the patterns to incorporate white outlines around each individual shape.

First stencil test!

First stencil test!

And for the sale I’ve been working on some cups! I’ve got a handful waiting to be fired now, and a few more waiting to be trimmed and decorated, and if all goes as planned I’ll be throwing some more today as well.

Getting some cups thrown!

Getting some cups thrown!

Decorating the first batch of cups!

Decorating the first batch of cups!

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